Custom Jewelry Object for a Man

Posted by Joanna Rubini on

What do you get for a man that doesn't wear jewelry? Already owns a key ring? Doesn't wear a tie? But you want to give him a personalized trinket... One customer wanted to create an object for pocket use.  Initially the concept was seen as creating a flat oval laser engraved on both sides: one side with an ocean universal energy theme and the other with an evocative phrase. But she wants something more dimensional and tactile.  A 'pebble' that could be felt in the hand to give the recipient a reminder of the message it bore.  We decided a flat oval was not the way and instead chose to create it using modeling wax, irregularly finished and laser engraved on back. It was like molding cake icing into an ocean...a very hands on creative process following the sketch we had produced for our customer.Sketch of ocean and universe custom pendant by Rubini JewelersFront side (before finishing) of oceanic ‘pebble’ by Rubini JewelersBack of Custom Oceanic Pebble before finishing, by Rubini JewelersFinished front side of Oceanic Pebble by Rubini JewelersBack of Oceanic Pebble by Rubini JewelersSide view of Oceanic Pebble by Rubini Jewelers

Made of sterling silver, lightly polished and oxidized in front to enhance the pebbles texture, and laser engraved on back in papyrus font. 

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