August 2018 Shake Up at Rubini Jewelers

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Beaded necklaces at Rubini JewelersBeaded necklaces at Rubini JewelersThe days are again shortening, the cicadas are singing their soothing chattering song. And here at Rubini Jewelers we are winding up our summer sale and displaying our newly acquired jewels. There is an entire restructuring of where the gold and diamonds are shown and where our beads and silver jewelry live. Believe it or not, we produce a ton of dust doing repairs as we the cases are continually being dusted. It's a spring cleaning, in late summer. A few pics of our clever team reorganizing us,and pics of their results:
This is the view into our engagement ring case: purple to compliment our building and varying skin tones because that's the way we all are, different beautiful colors.
Close up view of engagement rings at Rubini Jewelers
This photo shows a peek into the showroom, Raquel Rubini still large and in charge of the displays. To the left are our viewing chairs (once belonging to a knife store display), and to the right, every kind of sparkly bauble you can imagine.The Rubini Jewelers showroom featuring Raquel Rubini and Susana Moreno doing the design and displays
Here is a shot of a few of our new necklaces: scrumptious pearls, bejeweled bibs, and simple elegant gemstone pendants.
Necklaces needing homes, at Rubini Jewelers
A view of the plethora of chains we carry: yellow and white gold,sterling silver, gold filled, and even a few stainless steelEngagement rings at Rubini Jewelers
Raquel Rubini & Susana Morena making Rubini Jewelers gorgeous!
Raquel Rubini and Susana Moreno making magic of our displays at Rubini Jewelers. It looks perfect now but it's amazingly just like moving house...a disorganized mess at first that they somehow see thru to the underlying beauty and organization within.
STOP IN!  For just a browse and a visit and a quick jewelry cleaning, it's a pleasant way to spend a few minutes :o)

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