Environmentally Minded Jewelry

Posted by Joanna Rubini on

There are a few ways to incorporate your nature loving self into your jewelry wearing and buying habits.

First: ask your jeweler if they incorporate recycling metal into their practices. And yes, Rubini Jewelers recycles and reuses metal as much as possible...it is both environmentally and economically friendlier.  We also purchase from certain suppliers that do the same. Win win! 

Second: if you have jewelry that you've lost that lovin' feelin' for, bring it to us!  We can spruce it up and you may find that a- you do love it or b- that you know of just the person to regift it to (be honest and open about your previous ownership...just the right recipient will love it all the more!) or c- that you are really ready to part with it via consignment or selling (we participate in consignment but cannot purchase directly from the public).


Third: if after cleaning your jewelry you still dislike it but remain sentimental about it...you can always choose to redo.  Sometimes you can reset stones into different styles of jewelry, reusing both
metal and gems, or using the metal to pay in part for the redo. In this way, you are happy with an item that better follows your aesthetic, while making sure your treasures don't while away life in a dusty box, and you'll be supporting your grateful local jeweler. This is what we call win win win!

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