Fashion Report Summer/Fall 2018

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The reports are in... humans are wearing whatever they want in the jewelry realm.  The biggies right now?

Stones with a magical feeling are the thing.  Whether the wearer feels that certain stones have that special vibe, or the look of the stone is just left of center, there is something in Western culture these days that craves the ethereal. Moonstone, labradorite, druzy, shell, fossils. Anything heaven sent, anything from Mother Earth, it all nods to the magic in the world. Check it out:

White gold cats eye ring with diamondsThis white gold ring accented with diamonds features the mineral chrysoberyl that has needle like inclusions within that reflect light in a single band, giving it the illusion and hence name of Cat’s Eye. Certainly any stone displaying this effect, or chatoyant, contains a supreme sort of energy??

Dentritic agate in sterling silver ringDentritic agate set in sterling silver displays nature’s way with a paint brush. Fern and tree like formations are created with inclusions of manganese or iron within agate. How mineral formation can mimic bucolic growth is certainly mesmerizing. 

Star sapphire set in white gold antique inspired ring with diamondsThis star sapphire beauty is untreated, left to stand on its own splendor of pale periwinkle magic. It again displays chatoyant character with its needle like inclusions reflecting light in a startling dramatic most magical way. Cabochon sapphire in vermeil and silver flower- inspired ringThough this cabochon sapphire isn’t as captivating as it’s previous star sister, it’s quiet humbleness simmers with subtle earthy energy. The flower theme of the ring only adds to its allure. 

Ammonite pendant in sterling silver on sterling silver wheat chainAmmonite fossil set in sterling silver hangs on an interesting woven link sterling silver chain. The ammonite fossil is the shell housing for a squid like now extinct mollusk. The consistent formation it’s shell makes speaks volumes about how structured and logical we are all created despite a seeming randomness about our bodies. The spiral is reflected in so many places: in structures, in new growth occurring, in healing symbols. The lowly ammonite whispers that life is ever unfolding beautifully, magically. 

Druzy quartz on shell, on necklace of river pearls and hematiteIt took a few years for the ocean over Africa to dry up and reveal its treasures, but here is a gem. Druzy quartz crystals formed with time and pressure on this long submerged and then buried sea creature shell. It’s life exponentially expressed with its mix of previously life living within it and then receiving a magical jacket of crystals. A literal shell robed in a cloak of the healing power of quartz...

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