Getting the Golden Goose

Posted by Joanna Rubini on

How do you get what you want? More specifically, how do you receive
the gift(s) your sweet heart desires?

The answer is slightly complicated, but the best way is to ask for it and
support that by being a sweetheart!

ASK: What if you don't feel comfortable asking for your favorite Rubini
Jewelers (wink wink) necklace? Or if you are worried that the cost is
too dear for the giver's finances? This is no big deal! There are so many
lovely heart warming things on earth, that you can desire more than
one thing- more options gives the giver OPTIONS.

Step 1: Create a wishlist online using one of a myriad of websites: There are also many specific
businesses that offer the option to save a wishlist for you. For Rubini
Jewelers, you can simply email us a list of what's caught your eye, and
we can save it in our system and let anyone inquiring know what's
there. For me, however, the best way is to store all of my wishes
together in one list and the giver can choose where to shop easily
rather than hunting here and hunting there...because sometimes you
want a necklace and a pair of sneakers! Remember, financial means
vary, so it is helpful to include a variety of price points.

Step 2:You can either point blank announce the fact that you have
created a wishlist for yourself available for the giver's perusal, or better
still, share the idea. Chances are, you want to give to the giver as
much as he/she does to you. The suggestion of establishing mutual
wishlists takes the edge off just handing over a ME WANT list and
softens it into a Good for Team Morale list. Now, you have both put
yourself in a pretty likely place to get what you want AND you know
what to get them without pain and doubt. It's a win win! Just make
sure you keep the list updated.

EARN: You can be a jerk and still receive gifts, but you might feel like a
jerk receiving them- even if your jerk shame is only revealed to your
own heart. OR You can be loving, kind, helpful, courageous or
whatever behavior you feel makes the world a better place, and receive
gifts in this state with an open free conscience, and your gift receiving
will feel wonderful to you and to the giver.

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