Father's Day, or Figuring out a Great Gift for any Gent

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My goodness, what do you get for the father in your life? Especially if you really want to buy him something while you have your own jewelry repaired... And you don't feel like buying him another tie (because he's retired, or he's casual, or you just don't want to get him a tie...though we do sell them!Silk Boat Tie) a genius solution is something thoughtful...

Hear me out: get him anything... a money clip, a pair of cuff links, a key ring, tie tack.  You can take anything generic-ish, and magic it up.  Show your papa/husband/grandfather/baby daddy...that you pay attention.  Step one is picking out something that you know he'd use.  Step two is customizing it. Cuff links are an Custom Cuff Linksitem that he might have a ton of, but does he have a personalized pair? At least you know he uses cuff links! We just engraved a pair, not with his initials, but with the initials of his newborn baby...a little girl...They will provide a topic of conversation since they aren't his initials, but they're not so cheesy that they say "My Little Girl" on them.

Customization comes in 2 forms: Engraving or Complete Manufacture of a New Item. You can engrave a pre-existing item (like a watch, a phone case, a piece of wood) with something simple like a date, initials, or a message.We laser engraved palatino font on the back of this Tag watch Stainless steel dog tag we laser engraved the polished front with son's handprint & mom's thumbprint and the brushed back with team logo and the other half of her thumb print.    Sterling Silver Family Crest Ring Or, you can engrave more elaborately as in a design or family crest, on a pendant, ring, or even another pair of cuff links!

The next possibility of customization for the hombre in your life is going in whole hog...you might wantCustom 16kt Gold Diamond Skull Ring to bring him in on this.  We can
manufacture anything, jewelry speaking.  We make bolo ties (not often, but we have), we make belt buckles, we make cuff links, we make incredible rings. Skull Ring Side view The ring here is made of 16kt (not a typo- its what he wanted) white gold that we made reusing his diamonds, finished with rose gold wash to highlight the recesses. Sometimes, the man in your life is going to love something really out there.  Just grant a wish now and then and love him!

The last thing you can do for the man in your life is to fix that which he already has and uses. We fixed this class ring...But   you can also just replace the battery in his watch.  or have his watch or ring cleaned/polished. Thoughtfulness is all that's required.  Love your man-dad-father-son-grandfather-boyfriend-baby daddy today <3 


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