How to Feel Better: Bodily Happiness

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Don't we all just want to feel good?  Feel loved. safe. attractive. comfortable. supported. nourished.capable. smart. strong. balanced. stable. whole. happy...

The answer?  Buy jewelry of course!

(Laughing subsides...)

Actually, I think jewelry purchases and upkeep can be a way to show yourself love and kindness. But the secret to feeling good, if you are struggling in any area of your life, is to ask for help. There are a plethora of circumstances and feelings we experience in our lives. As I am a white collar privileged woman living in the United States, I speak from this perspective. I grew up believing that you should never be fully satisfied with your body, that you should always be striving for better because surely you are not good enough. And in fact, you should regularly be openly self critical and vocal about your short comings just so the world is aware that you know you have huge undesirable flaws, so that the world doesn't also have to let you know.  How to feel better in your body Blog post by Rubini JewelersWe are so beautiful, but our words and thoughts, so ingrained and natural to us due to our observation of how to be, that we literally cannot recognize this beauty.  What if you could just flip a switch? What if it's possible to go to bed and awaken the next day seeing your beauty and grace.  Without dieting. Without suffering. You just wake up right rather than wrong. This, my beloved women (and maybe a man or 2 who's chosen to tune in) is a miracle.

Don't you want a miracle? Don't you deserve miracles? You can order however you want to feel on the menu and just like that your wish is the universe's command. I decided last winter that I was tired of fighting my weight, that I wanted to feel well fed and nourished and loved and accept myself I added whatever I craved back into my diet and told myself that my weight didn't matter and that I loved myself and my body regardless... and I did gain weight.  My clothes stopped fitting. I felt uncomfortable running due the 'weight belt' I was now carrying around my waist.  And yet, I did not want to struggle with food.  I did not want to deny myself what I craved. Surely an insoluble conundrum. Truthfully, deep down where we bury our shame, I was burying my body shame and my shame that I was ashamed of myself.  That's a lot of shame!

What I decided to do was ask the experts for assistance and then just be.  Introducing the experts: any source of power in the universe that you are inclined to believe in. I just told my friend who struggles with depression to ask the hockey gods for help, but I wasn't kidding.  I silently or vocally or in pen on paper appeal for help from: the sky, the sun, my passed on pups, my passed on grandparents, the energy I see in thunderstorms, my inner being, gods, goddesses, godness energy, the rain, the birds singing to me. Any and everyone available!  I ask for help. And for body shame, I asked for help feeling beautiful and comfortable and nourished in my body.  Because feeling nourished is necessary if you don't want to feel starving. I started with asking for help first. "Please help me feel nourished and loved and beautiful and comfortable in my skin"  And then I moved on to saying that I was open to feeling those things. And every time my old habit of pointing out my physical flaws came up, I just recognized it as an old habit, one that was fading and being rewritten, and continued my mantra that I was ready to feel differently about my body. Eventually, my mantra became less about saying that I was open to feeling better and more about saying that I did feel different. And without thinking about dieting, or suffering to get a different body shape, my eating easily shifted, my thinking about food shifted, and most amazingly my body changed.

No diet.  No suffering. I just placed my order and readied myself to receive it and I was assisted to my desire gracefully, easily, miraculously, lovingly. I am blessed and open to this miracle in my perception and in my experience.  I put on jewelry now because i don't mind being observed.  I feel good in my skin and sometimes a little bling is just like the cherry on top of a perfect sundae.

Stop by and see us soon- you deserve everything you desire in life. Because you are uniquely beautifully you. Have a wonderful day, from now on <3

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