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Some of you may know our 2 dogs: India and Remo.  The chocolate lab India was introduced to Rubini Jewelers 16 years ago as a tiny little 8 week old handful...she was delivered to me by my mom in the midst of our Saturday rush, so probably everyone present in the store that day got to hold her in their hand (she was that small). She was my constant companion walking back and forth to work, chilling at the store, sometimes excessively (unnecessarily, but who I am to judge her perceptions of threat) guarding against visiting dogs, but always very happy and peaceful in greeting customers. After 4 years with her, we acquired the probably even better known grey weimaraner Remo. So I had 2 constant companions hoofing back and forth to work with me.  India taking on more of the relaxed spirit in the store, and Remo becoming much more of the front pup- greeting customers, adoring them, and of course loving being adored.  There's just something about India and Remo Rubini alseep under desk at Rubini Jewelersdogs- their unquestioning faith in and love for us, that just fills a human heart that can sometimes feel troubled.  Maybe they absorb some of our stress and worry and that's why we feel better for interacting with them. Who knows the exact reason, but to me, my 2 pups and everyone else's, are just plain magical.

Time passes...and despite our supreme effort to keep them both alive in the flesh as we know it, India passed May 2017 and Remo August 2017. I can't recommended going thru this loss because it feels insurmountable, but I can tell you that you can get through it.  I cried so much...especially while hiking. The biggest cathartic healing I experienced was actually lying face down in our yard sobbing, literally asking for relief from the ache I felt...guilt over failing to keep them alive longer, guilt over not feeding them the perfect food, guilt guilt guilt.  No bueno. But thankfully, blessedly, the guilt eased and I recognize that we tried valiantly to sustain them indefinitely, and that not only did we love them profusely, but so did most of our customer's.  What a blessing!! We had sweet dogs, and the sweetest customers who were happy to be loved by and to share love with our 2 dogsRemo, Rubini Jewelers dog pictured in store

When I felt sufficiently ready, I approached my uncle Virgilio who does our laser engraving here at the store, with a pup project.  I had imprints of both dogs' paw prints; I had him laser engrave 2 tiny copper discs with the prints, names on the reverse side. On a third disc I had him engrave clasped hands...because that to me symbolizes prayer- to the universe, to universal energy, to god and godness and goddess, to my inner being and to every angel and archangel and ghost in my vicinity, is how I survived the ache caused by their passing.  I know their energy is still alive and well, that they are simply free of their previously inhabited furry bodies.  My little discs that I wear on a simple leather bracelet are like little reminder twinkles, that I will survive and I am supported Custom Paw Print Engraved copper discs by Rubini Jewelersand that they are always with me. 

Thanks to everyone that ever patted our 2 loving furry dogs...<3

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