Orphan Jewelry: The Solution for Single Earrings

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Earring wearers nearly everywhere in the world share an experience in common: the loss of just a single lobe enhancer of the pair. What can you do? You can 1) wear just 1 earring, and drape your hair over the other ear 2) wear a mismatched pair of different but 'complimentary' earrings 3) try to find another of same exact earring (from another orphaned pair?) OR failing all of these 4) appeal to your jeweler and see what magic they can come up with. What follows is some of our magic...Enjoy :o)

Our first example is not an orphan so much as accident victims. It happens, one earring falls off and gets stepped on, or even more vicious, gets run over! This pair of hoops was an orphan until the owner retraced her steps to the parking lot of the restaurant where she last was happily wearing them and discovered the squished victim.  Sometimes we cannot repair scars completely, but we did match them beautifully, and hammered hoops are very hip!No automatic alt text available.

The next example was made to simply compliment her original earring. She wanted her earring matched, but she also wanted to keep the cost down, so we made her a new PAIR Victorian Style Costume Earringswith a similar flavor to her beloved costume original.  For the new earrings, we used sterling silver with a mixture of rhinestones and onyx.  Her old earring simply stands guard at home over the new pair, until the day our customer is ready to convert it to a complimentary pendant.

The third featured example is a straight up costume earring: gold filled, plastic doughnut, faux pearl.  Our customer was heart broken to have lost the mate, especially because she'd owned them for years and was pretty sure the Gold and Gold Filled Pearl Earringsmaker was no longer even in business. Rubini Jewelers to the rescue: we recreated it exactly in 14kt yellow gold.  The doughnut was made with an identical carved plastic 'cake' ;o) and we replaced both of the pearls to match with genuine cultured pearls. The identical match was accomplished by deconstructing her earring, making a mold of the flower design, then reassembling her original and assembling the new mate to match. The pair has increased in value and they are just as she always remembered!

Remember, nothing is ever hopeless :o) 



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