Jewelry Undo, Jewelry Updo, Jewelry Redo

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Often, customers come to us with jewelry they want to undo.  They want to take the stones out and reset them into something new. Or melt the metal down and transform it. And sometimes, the transformation is a very simple. Just staring us right in the face. We took our Journey Earringscustomer's journey jewelry that we are all acclimated to seeing lately and assembled it all together to create quite a memorable piece.Journey PendantJourney into NecklaceThe photo on the left shows her actual jewelry posed together to give her an idea of how the final piece might look, and the top right and bottom pictures show the final piece- created with the addition of a statement yellow gold chain, and her solitaire diamonds that was also already set.  From overdone to undone to I always say: viola!

The next undo redo updo is the tale of grandmother's bar pin. Not as dramatic as the necklace, but transformed all the same while maintaining the essence of the original bar pin.This Pendant Walks into a Bar... Very simply, we added 2 filigree 'curls' for flare, a 'base' down at the bottom to serve as an anchor for the filigree, and added a hidden bail on back for a chain to run thru.  Our goal was to minimally change the bar- maintaining its charm, while adding a tad more substance to better reflect our customer's taste. Ala Eiffel Toweresque...

Custom jewelry takes on different forms, one of which is a simple tweaking of existing design into something with a slightly different voice.  Sometimes, less is more! For the next ring, we took our customer's grandmother's wedding guard ring...which she was wearing but was Vintage Ring Makeover in ProgressVintage Ring Drawing & Final PhotoVintage Ring Modeledcatching on everything. We added another simple modern band to the side of it and incorporated another larger diamond and earrings also from grandma, and the entire result is vintage meets modern chic- while preserving the integrity of the original ring AND resolving the catchy issue.

Clever minds, clever fingers!






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