Purple Power and Amethyst

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Peck a purple what?  OHhhh- kiss a purple mouth! Obviously ;o)

Purple is the color of the month- halfway between calm blue and energetic red, it has the power to excite a calm mind or relax an energetic one.  For this reason it is associated with creativity and royalty.  It helps focus the wearer who may be frenetically thoughtful, but the influence of blue in the purple quiets the frenzy to a manageable roar that provides focus instead.

Maybe that's why so many artists prefer purple? All those ideas pinging around find

R7148 4 grandefocused purpose in purple. And how better  to competently lead your people than with calm energy? It has long been associated with royalty, and my theory is that you want neither a sedate leader nor and crazy one. Just like Goldilocks, its the just right spot!

Purple is largely represented in jewelry by the regal amethyst whose tones range from pale blue -purple to a deeper more saturated tone.R2336 2 grande

The purple quartz (it does come in many colors) is known to calm, protect, and cleanse the spirit. It is useful to cleanse other stones to be used for their healing properties, to fully benefit from their power.  So, you can wear it to ease your own spirit, wear it to convert bad juju energy into positive energy or to deflect such, or keep it close by your person for all the same powers.  And if you want to begin using your amethyst at it's full strength, it can be cleansed with real salt (think Himalayan or Celtic) then either worn on your person or tucked into a pocket, displayed in an open box or under your pillow to refresh you as you sleep.

Whatever your way, whatever your shade, amethyst is awesome and purple is powerful. U53 grandeR7761 3 grande

Try some for your superior self soon.

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