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We at Rubini Jewelers can engrave ... a lot! We have a laser engraving machine, a computer run scratch-in machine, the old school parallel arm guided scratch-in engraver, and of course our hands. By far our favorite is the laser which allows engraving in curves, on curves, of unlimited designs, but the computer run machine does allow us to both engrave designs on a flat surface and to cut out designs, which is a great time saver.  And sometimes you just need the feel of hand engraving. In no particular order, cnc engravedlet's take a tour: this is an example of a computer aided engraved nameplate that was also cut out by our machine. cnc katie engraved plateKatie was accomplished in the Dup Earringsame way, but cleaned up and finished by hand. And this earring reproduction was accomplished with the cnc- it is a Deco design with tiered flat layers of silver, giving the optical illusion of far more depth than in actuality and was perfectly suited to the computer assisted flat engraving machine's capabilities.

ebgraved stethascopeWhen we want to engrave different materials like leather, or awkwardly shaped items, the laser is our go to.kettlebell laser engravedLeather engraved by laserEngraving these items is not a walk in the park... We have had our share of burned leather and engraving that does not reach all surfaces! Practice makes perfect.  Having a sample to engrave is very helpful to us.


 We engraved this family crest in sterling silver, it has a much or more detail as one family crest laser engraveddone by hand but with the added bonus of a blackening effect from the laser which adds contrast & depth. The detail accomplished with the laser is astounding!Signet ring laser engravedFace engraved w/ laserFamily crest in gold

Our final gallery will be hand engraving, plus a few more examples of laser engraving.  Stay tuned!

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