Rubini Jewelers 2019 Wrap Up

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It might seem like we are sitting here in our store, twiddling our fingers, since our blog posts are few and far between, but my cell phone tells a different story: jewelry, jewelry, jewelry...and a few people :o) SO, what follows is a bit of the past year in pictures.

Stag Before AntlersThis deer arrived
Stag on Lid After Antler Created by Rubini Jewelers

 to install a more impressive rack of antlers,







So we installed a rather amazing full rack!













Next project was custom making Field Hockey jewelry using a minimal amount of rose gold possible provided by a customer- more labor but excellent result. Rose gold sheet provided to work with to create custome Field Hockey jewelry by Rubini Jewelers14kt Rose Gold Field Hockey Bracelet by Rubini Jewelers in ProgressRose Gold Field Hockey Bracelet in progress by Rubini JewelersField Hockey Jewelry by Rubini Jewelers SketchPhotos of the tiny piece of rose gold that we extended to custom create a gorgeous bracelet, field hockey earrings and sweet little pendant.Rose Gold Field Hockey Jewelry by Rubini Jewelers










Sometimes our repairs are as simple as cleaning jewelry up.  This next grouping shows our customer's jewelry before spa treatment and after. Jewelry prior to finishing at Rubini JewelersJewelry post repair and finishing by Rubini Jewelers


Custom jewelry is absolutely the biggest thing- personalized jewelry to your life, taste and experiences. Our laser engraver as well as our jewelers allow us great yogi like flexibility in creating baubles just for you.

Virgilio Rubini Working on Custom Rowing Necklaces After Engraving Them, Made for University of Washington RowingHere Virgilio Rubini is working on custom necklaces for the University of Washington Women's Rowing Team.U.W. Women's Rowing Necklace Custom Made by Rubini Jewelers

Laser Engraving on a PVC Coated Flask, in Progress by Rubini JewelersGold PVC coated flask, custom laser engraved by Rubini Jewelers. This preparation was a bit tricky due to the curve of the flask, we worked it out though!

Babies Link Gold Bracelet by Rubini JewelersChildren are a joy! Their heads also make a fine statement in the gold jewelry arena. This charming bracelet was made and engraved by Rubini Jewelers, laser engraved in elephant font.

And for the second time in my tenure at Rubini Jewelers, a man marrying a woman desired an engagement ring to mark the occasion. he wanted something simple classic and forged. So we added a hammer finish to a knife-edge wire band, leaving the center knife edge intact but hammering the otherwise polished smooth angled sides to capture the essence of the wearer: that he creates and builds with his hands.14kt yellow gold hammered knife edge wedding band by Rubini Jewelers














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