End of 2019 Trend in Jewelry and Humans

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It's winding down towards the end of 2019, we 2019 calendar hanging in the workshop at Rubini Jewelerssee a lot of humans and feelings and trends in our little slice of heaven, Rubini Jewelers.

The internet continues to be a force in the retail business, however, we are seeing a lovely leaning towards good feeling being a consideration.  That means that although many of us still have abundance issues (fear of money, fear of lack, fear of spending money, fear of poverty), many people are shopping from a place of love (love for self, love for the 14kt Gold Heart Pendant on Chain at Rubini Jewelersrecipient, love for life, love for our shop) and not predominately from fear.

We have been selling gifts, based less on what we think a person will like because we can never really know, and more on what feels good in the buyer's heart.  Sometimes the picks are wrong, but it seems as if since the intentions have been more pure, the receipt of the gift or the exchange of the gift feels overall easier happier and more successful.  Do your best, that's what counts in selection.

Another enchanting trend is more heartfelt design choices and less adhesion and pressure to follow convention.  Meaning, if you love Star Sapphire and Melee Diamonds Antique Reproduction Ring in 14kt Two Tone Gold at Rubini Jewelerspurple stone and black metal, why not have your engagement ring made with amethyst and black rhodium finished white gold or even silver. Why not? For example, a lovely bucolic Black Diamond Engagement Ring by Rubini Jewelers
themed engagement ring with a natural black diamond accented with white melee diamonds. It was just as natural as a white diamond but more in keeping with the wearer's taste.

Ease has also shown up in what to do with your inheritance. That is, all the gorgeous but totally not your style jewelry that has been passed down to you that you've held onto for years out of guilt is finally being faced.  Either by gladly gratefully parting with it and reselling or regifting it, or even braver, using the material to have jewelry created that truly speaks to your aesthetic.  Why not?  Why were we ever afraid to just use metal and stones from the past? Our passed on loved ones surely only want us to be happy and enjoy their gifts, and not suffer with guilt and responsibility in own said items.

Lastly, our customers are wearing their jewelry. 2019 trend to wear fine jewelry and costume, layered, everyday, without fearTake it out of the safe deposit box!  put it on!  If it gets worn down, broken, misplaced, it's just a thing.  But at least you got to enjoy it.  Keeping it hoarded away is wasteful- you don't enjoy it, the world doesn't enjoy it, and your jeweler will have nothing to fix unless you enjoy it.

We are only getting easier and happier and more peaceful, have a great day!

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  • I mean…could we love the Rubini’s any more? Thank you for your insight, observations and beauty, Joanna and Rubini’s team! I love you all!
    Lauren Kramer ; )
    p.s. Cannot WAIT to see your latest creations for me. YAY!

    Lauren Kramer on

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