The Secret to the Perfect Gift

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I'm in the jewelry business so mostly, I'm talking jewelry... but you can use your imagination and apply it to anyone in any situation.

The perfect gift starts and ends with love. This is corny and cliched but always true. If you are buying a gift for your loved one- husband, wife, partner, etc: walk through Rubini Jewelers ;o) and select a few things that catch your eye. Things that you had in your mind prior to shopping or things that catch your eye as you browse... and once you've selected as many or as few candidates as you feel is correct, look at each bauble through his or her eyes. Imagine them opening the package- is there delight? Is there emotion? Really try to see the gift being opened, received and worn. If you can see your loved one doing this with a certain bauble, then you know you've chosen wisely. If you are selecting a gift and have in your mind the return policy or exchange policy, you really might want to revisit the vast Rubini selection and choose again. We are patient. Take your time. Imagine what she'll say... imagine where he'll wear it. Imagine their joy in opening the gift! This is the right bauble. One hundred percent of the time...

If you are buying a gift for someone in your office, etc. who you don't particularly care for, or have some negative judgement of, make a u turn in your mind and think of something about him or her that you do enjoy, that you do value, that you do respect. From this new perspective is how the bauble will be perfectly selected. Following the same protocol as for a loved one. If you can imagine their delight in the item(s), imagine their enjoyment of the item, their use of the item, you have chosen wisely. Always with love and respect in your heart, even if you are not best buddies.

Always with love...

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