Spring's Hatched: What is Trending??

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The Oscar's are over, the Spring/Summer Fashion Shows are over...what did we learn?  Big outrageous earrings are the thing. Anklets are back. Two-tone remains a warmly embraced phenomenon.Spring-style is cliche but totally cool. And for good measure, Pantone's color of the year is Greenery #15-0343.

For earrings, drama is the thing: big long sweeping chandeliers.  We just repaired a pair of Gucci rhinestone earrings: they were made up of a stack of four 1" long stone encrusted hands...they rubbed her shoulders! Boldly Colored Chandelier Earrings for SpringBut if your earlobes can't take the weight, be clever in your design distribution- some earrings are bold but airy.  A good alternative to give a bold look without the weight are earrings wither without the stones or will stones but without all the fill-in.  So big open circles or drops either dangle or post will provide drama sans weight.

For anklets, there seems to be a wide distribution of rules re. what is cool, but know that not since the 90's have we seen since a boom in anklets.  Bohemian Style Rowing AnkletSo dig out your old one or discover a new one...whatever tickles you!

With the spring-style trend, we rediscover the Art Nouveau aesthetic.  Jewelry with plants, flowers, water creatures & insects, that curls, grows, and pulses with life and nature.Butterfly Brooch with Green & Orange Stones It reveals the current trend towards greenery (yes, the color of the year), towards the desire for natural spaces that renew life, that recharge life that often gets deflated by our modern over-teched lifestyles. If you happen to have a peridot or nice grassy green tourmaline in the mix, or even a touch of green paint, the feeling is even more powerful.

The last trend that is not a new but one that is enduring is the two-tone.  What does this mean? It's almost the most obvious partner to our desire for very natural jewelry.  Bracelet Mixture...Don't be picky and hard edged with your style, have some forgiveness, have some acceptance: your grandmother's platinum diamond ring belongs happily on the same hand as you wear your multiple wild bracelets- the leather thong, the gold link bracelet with a few silver charms, and the silver-copper cuff.  Self-love is the key, so if you put something on and it feels good, it's perfect, even if the colors are here and there.


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