March, Pisces & Aquamarine... a Brief Synopsis

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March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.  It is a turning of seasons time and it is the month of the adaptable mutable Pisces (Feb 18 through March 20). Rowing Pisces Pendant, Designed by Joanna Rubini, Engraved by Rubini JewelersPisces is a water sign and people born under the sign will often find peace and restoration when in close proximity to living water. It anchors them, soothes them...I find the Pisces in my life are amazing friends, amazing family- very supportive and loving, and can even overlook their own needs trying to smooth out human friction.This is good to a point although they can suffer because of it.  They are known to be creative intuitive loving beings with an eye for art & organization.  The Pisces, given her/his entry into the world at a fluctuating time between seasons, makes for a naturally easy to adjust to change person. This is undeniably helpful within a challenging group dynamic where these skills come to play helping blend opposing forces together into cohesion and peace.
The birthstone of March, Aquamarine, gets its name for the Latin word that means "seawater"- both embodying its watery
50's Inspired Aquamarine Earrings in 14kt White Gold color and its relationship to the Pisces water-sign.  It is believed to bring it's wearer calm relaxing energy, which in turn allows the organs (the liver & stomach especially) to perform better- resulting in better digestion and better detoxification. And thru better digestion & detox, Aquamarine lends itself to better fluid balance in the body. Simply wearing an Aquamarine in your jewelry on your person will provide you with the crystal's vibrations, although in the past Aquamarine powder was also consumed with water so as to strengthen its the healing benefits. It is mineral beryllium aluminum silicate- related to emerald & morganite, but with greater iron impurities within the beryl crystal. Colors available range from nearly colorless to intense deep blue and intense deep blue green. The nearly hueless specimens are the beryl crystal with the lowest presence of iron. The hint of green that is often apparent in Aquamarine is the trace presence of chromium (which gives emerald is green color), and stones are often heated to remove the green and leave a pure blue hue that is most prized today. In the ancient past, the more natural sea-foam green was the most desired color, and today the most valued Aquamarines tend to be a lively sky blue. Putting all of this together, your Pisces will always express appreciation for whatever gift you give her (or him) like it was the Hope diamond, 18kt Yellow Gold Yummy Aquamarine Deco-Inspired Modern Ringas adaptation and peaceful status quo are of great importance. She might really enjoy something a bit offbeat, appealing to her artistic eye, or something highly personal, appealing to her sentimentality. And if she's overextended herself and drained her powers & energy, she might benefit from a lovely aquamarine bauble.  The best gift of all then would be an Aquamarine bauble that has either been designed by you, or one that has been personalized (sentimentalized) in some way (think engraving perhaps) she gets the benefit of the calming restorative Aquamarine energy while appealing to her inner Pisces love!

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